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In 2004 we began life as a small accountancy office, since then we have continuously invested in our employees (i.e. recruitment, training and development) and modern computer systems. Today, we pride ourselves on a group of 400 clients who are happy to recommend us to others

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We choose our employees carefully; a lot of time is spent during the recruitment process to select some of the best accountancy professionals around, for every one hundred candidates we choose one person. We then invest time in training our employees to the highest standards and we make sure that their knowledge is kept up to date through seminars; we have a policy of continuous improvement. We now employ over 60 people - certified accountants, experts and advisers, we cooperate with expert auditors and law firms.

It goes without saying that we have a policy of investment in the newest technology and computer systems which in turn makes our office efficient and productive. Thanks to our approach of continuous investment and improvement, we have succeeded in expanding our client base. Regardless of market conditions, we keep growing. There are about 60,000 firms that provide accounting services in a difficult and competitive market and, despite the economic downturn, we have managed to beat our trading records year after year.

We are flexible. We serve companies of a varied nature; we do not restrict our services to companies of a particular type or selected industries. We work on the clients' premises or in our own offices. We use a wide range of accounting programs tailored to the needs of the company.

Practical knowledge of various business models helps us adapt our service to our customers' expectations. Foreign companies are also offered services in foreign languages.

We invest in the safety of our clients - our professional indemnity insurance is 500 000 PLN against an event. Our procedures include free internal audits of account books every 6 months, regardless of whether the client asks us to do this or not.




We can fully recommend Meritoros as a reliable and trustworthy company who are well prepared to provide complex accounting and payroll services. Their experienced staff and excellent work management ensures the highest levels of service and quality





I can heartily recommend Meritoros Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner



Innovation nest


Meritoros provides accounting and payroll services not only for the Innovation Nest capital group, but for some of the capital fund members as well. In every instance we were extremely satisfied with our collaboration and the quality of service provided by Meritoros



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